Development of ECOFLUX* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers

ECOFLUX* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers (CTHE)use corrugated tubes instead of smooth tubes. The corrugations induce turbulence in the media and ensure high Reynolds number even at low velocity.The development of corrugated tube is perhaps the most exciting advancement in heat transfer technology.

Corrugated tube is produced by indenting a plain tube with a spiral pattern. No tube wall thinning takes place& no strength is lost.


  • A smooth indented inner profile ensures easycleaning
  • Turbulence is created at low fluid velocities toenhance the heat transfer in the tube
  • Fouling on the tube surface is minimised
  • A wide range of diameters & styles are available


Corrugations in ECOFLUX* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger results in significantly enhancedperformance over Smooth (plain) tube heatexchangers. In corrugated tube heat exchangers thecorrugations impart different flow regimes – spiral inthe core and eddys at the periphery. Apart from conventional industrial applicationsECOFLUX* CTHE are ideal for other process industrieswhere media is highly viscous, fibrous and in the formof large particles, even up to 50 mm.

Types of Corrugated Tube

There are three types of corrugations – Soft, Hard andDimpled. The type of corrugations is based on the following:

  • Corrugation depth
  • Corrugation pitch
  • Corrugation angle
  • Number of starts

Our corrugated tubes have optimised these to providethe best design in terms of area, pressure drop, HTC,fouling, etc., for the particular application.


Corrugated tube shell and tube heat exchangers have many benefits and advantages over comparable smooth tube versions:

  • Compact tubular heat exchanger
  • Long running times due to turbulent flow
  • Very low maintenance costs, minimum spares requirement
  • Higher heat transfer coefficient (2-3 times) results in reduction in heat exchanger area upto 50%
  • Fouling is minimised due to turbulence created by eddies at the periphery or tube wall
  • High response to CIP
  • Wide choice of MOC
  • Uniform thermal processing
  • More flexibility in annular space sizing

Models of Ecoflux* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger

‘K’ Series Multitube
The ‘K’ Series corrugated tube heat exchanger is a fixed tube sheet shell and tube heat exchanger using corrugated tubes specially designed for various industrial applications. Standard unit lengths between 1.5 and 6 meters are available in a range of shell.

‘MI’ Series Multitube
The multitube heat exchanger is conventional straight tube, shell and tube unit using corrugated tubes especially designed for food industry.

‘AS’ Series Annular Space
The annular space version is a tube-in-tube-in-tube heat exchanger. The innermost tube and outer tube carries the service media while the process media passes through the annulus between these two tubes.

‘DT’ Series Monotube
The monotube is tube-in-tube heat exchanger. While the inner tube carries the process media, the outer tube carries the service media.Ecoflux* Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers.

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HRS Process Systems Ltd. have acquired exclusive rights by the way of license manufacturing agreement for design, manufacture, supply and service of Plate Heat Exchangers, with FUNKE Waermaustauscher GmbH! HRS Process Systems Limited is part of the HRS Group with headquarters in UK.

HRS Hot Water System is the most versatile and compact hot water generation system. It provides highly efficient solution to instantaneous hot water generation using energy efficient heat exchangers (Funke Brazed or Gasketed plate heat exchanger or Ecoflux* corrugated tube heat exchanger. HRS Hot Water Systems can also be installed with storage (buffer) vessel for semi-instantaneous applications and in conjunction with solar based hot water systems.

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